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Live & Breathe Bedding

We spend a third of our lives asleep—and that’s why it’s important to make sure we do it properly. After all it fuels the other two-thirds! But what does a ‘proper’ night’s sleep actually mean? Is it about sleep apps, dream journals, blackout blinds and essential oils? Should we abandon electronics and social media in favour of a quiet life and lots of meditation?

The truth is that we can’t tell you how you should sleep. What we can do is help you with the most important part: the bedding. After all you spend a third of your life lying on and under it.


Tired of being tired?
We were.

We believe that a proper night’s sleep should be simple, and the bedding is no exception. You shouldn’t need a PhD in textiles to find the perfect set – right?

Pop to the shops, ten minutes tops, a quick in-and-out trip—but your plans are foiled when you see the labels. Suddenly you need to know about thread count and cotton source. Do you want a flat sheet or a fitted sheet? How about Oxford or House wife? Percale or sateen? Single-ply, multi-ply, magic beans.....the list goes on…

In 2016, we decided enough was enough, and set about creating a bedding experience which works for you.



We’ve removed all the noise and gimmicks and created an exclusive range. All you have to do is pick your favourite and let The Sandman do the rest.


We’ve made it easy

We believe that choosing your perfect bedding should be straight forward and satisfying. So we’ve kept it simple and crafted three finishes just for you. They each have their own qualities, depending on how you like your sheets to look on the bed and feel on your skin.


Percale Crisp

Great all year if you’re the last one to put a jumper on.

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Cool and crisp to the touch. Think fresh-washed shirts, but without the need to iron. These sheets get softer with every wash. A matte finish, garment-washed for ultimate comfort.


Sateen Smooth

Great all year if you’re the first one to turn the heating on.

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The hotel look. A little heavier than Percale and mercerised to create a soft and silky feel that gets better with time. Sateen has a subtle sheen which mellows over time and does its best to keep wrinkles at bay. But every little wrinkle means no harmful chemicals have been used in the making of your bedding.


Linen Light

A classic, timeless look, equally perfect for hot summers and cold winters.

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Linens hollow fibres make it a natural insulator: It retains heat from your body in winter and keeps you cool in Summer by absorbing moisture. Each set is garment-dyed to give a distinctive look. Made with French flax fibres, linen gets better with every wash. It looks best naturally crumpled, embrace the creases, so you can spend less time ironing and more time sleeping.

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